‘Because this is my first life’

3 days ago, i have just finished watched my korean favourite drama titled “because this is my first Life“. This drama was so great because:

1- It teach us how to face the reality of life and this drama keep show us whatever happens in ur life never avoid the difficulties. 

2- dont afraid to try because we are doing for the first time in life. No worries to make a false.“its okay to fail but never stop to try!”

3- in a term of love, dont make someone your love waiting for a long time, It will hurt them from time to time. 

4- you have to face the world! If u like, say it! if u don’t like, make it clear. Don’t put all burden in your heart thats will break your heart.

Truthfully i dont know what their name who has acting in this drama. But, their performance were great. Thumbs up!!


Ignore the noise

Sometimes you should ignore others option because they don’t know what situation you are right now. 

Sometimes you should stop talking about others to make people looking at you.

Sometimes you should ignore the noise that breakout your focus on your life.

Speak Out your choice, stand out your option, Start talking about how great you are and keep focus on your life. 

It’s true,we live once.yes! Because of that take your action lively 🙂

Ignore the noise, keep your life lively”


sungguh diri ini dalam proses untuk menyesuaikan diri dalam dunia yg baru…dalam tempoh ini, jujur aku katakan agak sukar dan perit.. org ckp Just do it atau just follow the flow…but its not easy as we think, yes serius! Klau ikutkan hati mmg xnk fikirkn org lain..tapi bila fikir dua kali, kita hidup bermasyarakat, perlu fikir juga hati org lain, tpi kdang2 hati kita sndri x terjaga. Ok! Org ckp tu situasi biasa la… don’t think too much.semua org rasa dan lalui proses itu….

And last i wanna ask…when u in my shoes, bukankah behaviour ko mcm ni gak?? Bukankah ko rasa jgk perasaan perit dan susah itu sewaktu kau tempuhi situasi ini? So, dont blame and tell we are not capable! We are capable we just trying to be a good person